March 17th, 2008

black king

Mostly harmless

Good morning. It wasn't too bad at the service last night. A load of
us stayed around for a while, before Viv and Debbi came home, both
wearing black and white dresses and amber beads. No doubt Viv will set
me straight on the details. Then after tea or coffee, eventually to
bed and then to sleep and then waking up again before the Monday rush.
But it's now calm, as I wait for the train to arrive. The excitement
of the London express roaring into the station is something that has
never quite left me.
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black king


We have gone very slowly over the last few miles and are now at a stop
at Nuneaton Station. Another express is at a stop at the next
platform. Apparently a road vehicle has hit a railway bridge nearby,
and our driver is awaiting instruction. I assume we are waiting for
engineers to have a look at the bridge to give it the all-clear. Or
not... In the meantime, nothing to do but wait. Maybe Jenny is right:
there always seems to be something up. I can see another train
arriving at another platform. I don't think we'll be at Euston at
If you celebrate it, a very happy St Patrick's Day to you. And as I
type this, we're moving again. It's 09.03. Euston in 33? I think not.
Becky, the train manager, tells us we are 35 minutes behind. So that
would be 10.11, dig and delve, when we arrive. That is all.
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