April 25th, 2008


Good morning from Wembley

It's just after five o'clock, and I've been up for an hour already. Why? A fire alarm means it isn't time to sleep...it's time to throw a few clothes on and get off down those nine floors of fire escape to the 7 degree car park (that's 45 to you Fahrenheit people) and wait there till the fire engines get there, check the building and say it's Ok to go back. The only smoke I encountered was from the smokers.
Marvel at the sightseers. Be amazed at the people who look out of their rooms at the crowded car park below. Be astounded at those eventually coming down the fire escape stairs laden with their packed suitcases.
And now, I'm back in the hotel room, thinking that it just isn't worth going back to sleep. So I'm sorting out the things online I normally do in the morning when I get up (Gmail, LJ, Telegraph, Aardvark, Stuff, Netfunny) while a bath fills with water. Then it will be pretty much the same as any other morning, except an hour or so earlier.
It will be an action packed day, with a day of work, a lunch date, a trip back up to Merseyside, an evening meal with the church council and a night with Viv. I didn't need a four o'clock start.
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