April 28th, 2008

black king

As I was saying

No chance of anything but an early start on Saturday as it was the PCC
planning/away day, so it was off to the middle of North Wales for most
of the day, not the most gripping day ever, but it did have its
Then to the youth Catalyst event in the evening. Music, worship,
teaching. No violence, drugs, arrests. Then back home after.
Leading the service on Sunday morning, sorting out a problem with a
friend's wireless router after that. Too late to cook lunch, so we
went off to the Merebrook for steaks and beers.
And pretty soon after that, it was off to church again via the
station, home of tickets to London too. A youth service, and quite a
special one too.
Debbi gave us a lift home, and we all talked and reflected over much
tea and coffee.
Then my life was again packed into a little bag so that I would be set
for this morning. And so I am.
So now, after a night with Viv and not so much sleep, here I am again,
filling in time waiting for a. train by posting a short LJ entry. That
is all.
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