June 4th, 2008

black king

Live from Marylebone

A day at work and then across town through the rain. It was the sort
of rain that isn't really hard, but still makes you feel miserable.
Still, if the 19.11 had been on time last night, I would have missed
On to the Ibis, not such a good place as the Plaza, but half the price
this week. St the restaurant, they failed to deliver a coffee at all
but still fancied charging me for it.
This morning, the restaurant was so much quieter than the last time I
was here. A Breakfast TV feature was asking people to add apostrophes
- womens clothing
- DVDs for sale
- two weeks holiday
and the punters weren't doing very well. It was hard to follow, as the
restaurant was playing Take Five quite loud over the PA. After
breakfast, off to the Stadium station, where I picked up a
late-running train to Marylebone. From there, it's still two tubes to
Liverpool Street, but not so bad, all things considered.
Next TfL adventure: a trip to Chancery Lane for a meeting at
lunchtime! How cool is that? (What do you mean, "not very"?)
Christopher's news: nothing new yesterday: no new tests or treatment,
just a day at home. He sounded bright this morning when he answered
the phone and Viv said he helped put some washing on the line. More at
Alder Hey on Thursday.
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