June 7th, 2008


Saturday morning

I know I haven't posted here since Wednesday: it's been a busy few days, both working and playing. On the other hand, if I try to recall how the time was spent, I probably will struggle.
Wednesday night I went out for a meal and a few drinks with Nick at Giraffe, a place I'd walked past regularly but never used before. All in all, a rather pleasant evening.
Thursday lunchtime at St Helen's. The start of a series on Romans 12.
Friday: another exciting day, beginning with the journey from Wembley Stadium to Liverpool Street (via Marylebone and Baker Street).
Then in the evening, all the way from Liverpool Street to Bromborough without incident (via Euston Square, Euston and Chester).
This morning, McDonalds breakfast. Christopher's request. He took the hobbit view and had two breakfasts. He has an appetite much healthier than ever before, but that's probably the steroids...
He seems to be in fairly good health, but isn't, of course. But his energy levels are higher than they were. I don't wish chemotherapy on anyone, but he seems to be doing OK. The main concern at the moment is that his hair is finally looking like it's at risk.
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black king

The rest of Saturday

Went shopping around lunchtime. Bought a load of food, some for now,
some for later. On the way home, was crapped on from a great height by
a passing bird, something that hasn't happened to me for a long time.
Viv is singing tonight and was picked up for the practice at five for
a performance at seven. NOOOOooo! Picked up at a quarter to five for a
performance at six! So evening meal was a bit rushed. And now, in the
words of the prophet, I'm on the train.
David is off to Abi's 18th tonight. Apparently the vague dress code
said 'dress to impress'. So I've reminded him of Dick Homan's one
piece of useful advice: if in doubt, wear a suit.
More later.
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