July 10th, 2008

black king


Well, it's just about 07:40 and breakfast here has only just got under
way. What could be a great little hotel in central London could well
be letting itself down in this simple way. It resembles the dreaded
John Howard at first glance, but in fact is a lot more charming. More
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my own hero

Corporate challenge

I did two things this morning I've never done before:
1. I changed from the Northern Line (Charing Cross branch) to the Northern Line (City branch). At Euston, as it happens.
2. I knowingly travelled on the longest escalator in Europe, at Angel. (Pedants please explain if it isn't.)
Then a morning spent testing our disaster recovery systems before going back across the City. Lunch in the pub, to say goodbye to a colleague who is leaving our department. No, I only had s teak sandwich and orange juice.
Most of the afternoon in conference calls before getting changed for the Corporate Challenge.
Travelled out to Battersea Park with some colleagues.

  • Distance: 5.6 kilometres (3.5 miles)

  • Time: 47m 12s

  • Average: 8m 26s per km

Not so brilliant, but not too bad either. Up early to be in the office early tomorrow though.
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