July 13th, 2008

black king

Sunday night sunset

Just about nothing happened to me yesterday. After Viv left to go to
the trustees meeting, I went back to bed and didn't get up till
o'clock. Then it was time to wash dishes and cook some eggs for lunch.
In the afternoon, Christopher and I took a leisurely walk to the local
shops to buy bread, milk and, for Christopher, a 99. Then back home.
Viv was home before too late in the evening. This morning, I was
leading the morning service and leading prayers in the evening.
Between the two, there was time for a chicken dinner, a game of
Flutter, a walk round by the Dibbinsdale and a cup of coffee. And now
I'm at Port Sunlight station, filling in fifteen minutes as I just
missed the train before. Well, maybe 14 and a half if everything is on
It's a sunny evening here in the Wirral. But will the good weather
last the week in Boris Johnsonville?
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