July 14th, 2008

black king

No, I don't know why

Just past Milton Keynes. After the service last night, it was curry
time again. Then off to bed for an early start again. Up at 05.15 as
usual. Live rail info told me that the 07.15 out of Chester was
cancelled AGAIN. But I had time today to rush to catch the 06.08 out
of Bromborough and the 06.30 out of Chester to catch the 07.05 from
Crewe to Euston. That will get to Euston around nine o'clock which is
But it is a beautiful morning, and Virgin have started their summer
rules, so I'm sitting pretty in Coach G. Sally, are you paying
attention? Coach G is Standard Class on all Pendolinos till 7 Sept.
Nothing much else has happened since last night.
Christopher is feeling much better but isn't happy about what he can't
do at the moment. Yes, he can probably go to the cinema but not by
himself. And what 14 year old really wants to go to the cinema with
Mummy? This is something to sort out over the summer, of course.
And that's about it from me for now. More soon. But don't count on it,
as I think it will be a very busy week.
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black king

Euston Square

Defective train at Great Portland Street, so delays on all eastbound
services. Further, I'd guess that when the trains do come through,
they'll be somewhat on the full side. "Thank you for your patience."
Well, we'll just wait and see. Pity. I was all set for a record
door-to-door time.
The empty train has just passed through Euston Square. Next train:
Aldgate 1 minute...
Oh, the humanity. I think I'll take my chances waiting another minute
for the next one.
Circle Line via KX... Here it comes... Much better. I can even stand
in comfort on this one. Don't know what it'll be like after KX.
Worse, but this isn't the worst trip I've ever been on. Oh no, indeed.
That was on the Sloop John B with my grandfather.
And so to Farringdon, where you will be saved any more of this drivel
if there's mobile signal at the platform. Have a great day, all.
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