July 28th, 2008


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Good morning. I wrote a long entry on Saturday but it got eaten by either Google, BlackBerry or LiveJournal. Whichever it was, it didn't make it all the way to my journal. The device promised it had saved it, but if it did, I can't find it. So here is something approaching a retyping of it, but this time on a computer, and I'll save it in a place of my knowing before I post it.
Last week was a very busy one, though in theory it should have been one of our quieter weeks. This is for a combination of reasons too boring and too confidential to write about here.
On Tuesday evebing, I was fortunate in being able to get to Toastmasters in time to deliver a speech at the club. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't my finest work by a long way, unfortunately.
Wednesday was another day a bit like that, but maybe not quite so much. Without the whole of the weekend to blur the memory, I'm sure I wrote better on Saturday.
What I do remember quite vividly is that the Underground was unbearably hot for some of last week, meaning that you felt like you'd done a full day of work before ever reaching the office.
Friday was an ordinary sort of day. A group of us went over to Premier Place for something to eat for lunch: Friday is generally fish and chips day, but I was tempted by the Waldorf Salad. It's a sad reflection of our society that the Waldorf Salad these days is better associated with Fawlty Towers than with the Waldorf=Astoria. Despite that, it wasn't at all bad, and one of the best value meals I have eaten there.
Friday evening, and it was once again the 18:08 from Euston to Crewe, the 20:03 from Crewe to Chester and the 20:30 from Chester to Bromborough.
It was, or at least seemed, a very rapid trip, though this is probably true, as in all it was less than three and a half hours from door to door.
Friday morning had been a cheap trip to work, as the Oyster network for ticketing was not working and so it was free trips for all (except, of course those who had season tickets...)
Saturday morning, and a family trip to Liverpool to give blood. I successfully donated another unit and got my award for ten (even though it's eleven since they started counting and far more than that if you count earlier donations and those in New Zealand) but apparently Matthew isn't veiny enough and hs been told to comer back and try again in a couple of years.
The rest of Saturday was quiet, except for the trip to Alder Hey. It's a long way to go for a straightforward treatment of chemotherapy, and Christopher wasn't happy and said that they gave it to him too fast, which is quite possible. But he looks to be in good shape considering what's happening.
He looked brighter and pinker than he has for a while this weekend, but this is no doubt as a result of two more units of blood he received on Thursday afternoon/evening. As the chemotherapy continues, his blood count will tend to get lower, resulting in a requirement for more blood. He could possibly have waited another week, but it's better for it to be at a time when it can be planned and isn't an emergency.
He went along to the service on Sunday morning, and after that we walked up from home slowly to the Merebrook, where he ate a ribeye steak and chips. I had a mixed grill, and very good it was too.
In the evening, it was Darren's last service, which he led professionally. It was a shock to realise that he isn't going to be with us after this week.
And so to this morning, an early start, but not too bad. The worst part is having to pay a full fare from Chester to London for the first time since I started this lark. However, I'm glad I didn't decide to splash out and pay for first class: there is no full breakfast service on this train. This is not good. It is astoundingly rare for this train to offer all of the following: an on-time service, in-seat music service, hot and cold food and drinks, acceptance of credit cards, printing of receipts. All of these should surely be expected on a train that is supposed to offer them.
So I'm now at Crewe Station, waiting for the train to leave here on its way south. The weather has deteriorated abominably since I left home about an hour ago.
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