July 29th, 2008

black king

Tuesday evening

A baking hot Monday passed by without much incident. I watched the C4 documentary about sandwiches and discovered that two cheezburgers is better for me than a Pret sammich.
Then almost straight away I went to sleep and as far as I can tell slept through an almighty thunderstorm.
Woke this morning to find most things outside damp or worse. Another day at work, and then I decided it was time to go and watch a movie. The choices I had in mind were the Dark Knight and Mamma Mia. The time of the next show determined my choice.
The Dark Knight is not deep, but it does have action, and it does have disturbing scenes. At times, I saw parents taking young children out of the cinema, never to return. Surely they had been warned that it wasn't a children's movie? Maybe they didn't listen, or possibly wanted to traumatise them so that tomorrow they can say "I told you so". Certainly some of the scenes were close to disturbing.
And the main cinema at Finchley Road was packed at 7 o'clock on a Tuesday evening. This, in itself, seems almost worthy of note.
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