August 1st, 2008

black king

New month

It's been a good week, for the most part.
Less frantic than many weeks at work (but just wait till the week
after next) and relaxed outside work too.
Viv and Christopher went to the hospital again yesterday, to pick up
supplies of medications, though not to get any direct treatment.
Christopher will be between treatments later this month, giving the
opportunity for us all to take a break.
One day at work, then the weekend. I am looking forward to it, even
though I am preaching on Sunday morning.
Did I mention in my last post that I'm going to see The Alarm on
Monday night? Tickets still available at for anyone
interested. Well, I suppose they are available even if you're not
In other news, a big Lambeth feature in The Times today, with an op-ed
by +Orombi.
But for now, I'm on the train from Wembley to Marylebone. Obviously
this won't get posted until we are out of the tunnel. That is all.
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