August 11th, 2008

black king

Weekend review

It has been a quiet week. Also the weekend. Friday night proved to be
a more exciting journey than for a while: the 18.08 was delayed
leaving Euston. I was trapped in the queue at Platform 7 and unable to
get to the 18.17 to Lime Street. Then the platform guy shouted that
the train on Platform 7 might not be the 18.08 after all and told us
to wait on the concourse. And a minute later announced that our train
would be from P7 after all. Nobody was impressed, but I did manage to
get into Coach G for the pedestrian journey to Crewe. There, the crowd
for the Chester train was huge, and when a single unit arrived, I
decided I'd be better going via Liverpool on the London Midland train.
So I did that. Once I got home, the curry was very good, not least
because I was hungry like the raven.
Saturday got off to a slow start, not aided by the weather. On the
other hand, I did get to sort through many piles of rubbish that had
accumulated and also ordered a three piece suite, a ticket to the
Leeds Festival and a couple of other bits and pieces.
Sunday? More about Elisha on Sunday morning, this time the story of
Naaman. After lunch, a trip of limited success into Bebington before
an evening service most notable for having Murph there, back up to
Bebington to see his extended family and friends. Then home for coffee
and sleep.
Our Christopher is now almost at the end of the first major block of
chemotherapy. There is then a two week break before the next block.
What I've heard about this doesn't sound like it will be pretty.
For those who drop in here occasionally: Christopher, 14, was
diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in mid-May and has
been having large amounts of chemotherapy since. So far, he has been
responding very well to the treatment, though sometimes gets very
tired. Howver, it is still very early, as the treatment in total lasts
for three years.
Between the two blocks of treatment, we will be taking a break. Next
Saturday morning we will fly to the Isle of Man, where we will stay
for four nights, flying back late Wednesday afternoon. We plan to take
it very easy. (Why fly when there's a perfectly good and regular
ferry? It means that we are never more than an hour or so from a
suitable hospital. Also, ferry crossings can be quite rough, which is
not appropriate for someone who already feels sick most of the time.
Thank you for asking.)
Chester Station already? More later. I want to write about idiots in
lifts/elevators next.
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black king

Lifts / Elevators / Ascenseurs

From my extreme youth, I remember a little storybook called Jade
Tales. One of the stories was about a little girl's adventures in a
rogue lift.
Why can't people undertand how they work? Outside a lift/elevator,
there are usually two buttons, one for up and one for down. When it
arrives at a floor, there's a sign to show which way it is going. Yet
it seems this is beyond too many people.
Last week, I got into a lift where a couple of people were already
waiting. I wanted the 9th floor, but the 9 was already lit. Another
passenger got in, said "9 please" and someone pushed the 8 button.
On two floors on the way up, people got in and seemed very surprised
when the lift continued to go up. And of course we also stopped on the
8th floor for no good reason.
I thought this was my worst journey of the week, but no. The next
evening, I got into an empty lift from which a mother and daughter
(probably) had just emerged. Every floor button had been pushed, so I
stopped on every floor to 9. The top floor there is 10. Not good.
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