August 16th, 2008

black king

Liverpool Airport

Good morning from Speke. We're at the gate, waiting to board the short
flight. Looking out of the window at a plane with real propellors
(sp?) and almsot ready to go. We are sitting quietly waiting while
nearly everyone has joined a queue. With allocated seats, what's the
big deal?
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black king

Three legs

After an early start, a taxi to Speke and breakfast in the lounge, we
took the flight here. It was a very short flight, as expected. A taxi
took us to the IOM Hilton, where we put our bags in one room that was
ready and set off down the sea-front towards town. Some of it was on
the road, some on the beach. It is quite wild, and I'm glad we didn't
take the boat to here. Once in town, we had some lunch and then caught
a horse-drawn tram back to the hotel. Matthew is appalled that we came
to a place still using such obsolete technology. I explained that it
is partly for the tourists.
Then we went to see The Mummy movie, partly because the weather really
isn't so good. The weather is better than the movie. It is a while
since I have seen such thin plotted tripe. As for the battles, Peter
Jackson did them first and better.
We're now back in the hotel. Viv is downloading photos, I'm typing
this and the boys are in their room, probably watching television.
Later on, something else. We will certainly do something for the
evening meal, but the hotel's steak prices exceed what Viv is prepared
to pay. In fact, they even exceed what I am prepared to pay!
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