August 17th, 2008

black king


Breakfast as usual for a Hilton this morning, and then we went for a
walk along the promenade towards the Electric Railway. From there, we
went on the noisy and slow railway at speeds of up to 20mph on our way
to Laxey.
Laxey has what is possibly Man's most famous landmark: Laxey Wheel.
Forty years after my mum stopped me climbing it because I would surely
fall and kill myself, I made it to the top. It offers splendid views
of the surrounding area, as well as being of itself a triumph of early
Victorian engineering. No doubt you can later zip over to vivh's LJ to see some pictures of this big red wheel. A short
trip on a mine railway took us to the local pub where we had a drink
and some hot chips before catching the Snaefell Mountain Railway. This
is another slow and antique railway, but takes us to the island's
highest point. Reasonable views, but as soon as we reached the top,
the clouds closed in. Rather than the promised six kingdoms supposedly
visible: Man, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Heaven, we could
scarcely even see one! The cloud lifted slightly, so Matthew and I
caught a glimpse of the Scots coast. We didn't hang around: the top of
the radio masts were not visible from the bottom of them. But I'm very
glad we came. Now, after just catching it, we're on the way down the
mountain, back to Laxey. From there, perhaps another trip somewhere,
or perhaps just back to Douglas for a snooze. Tonight I might try my
hand at the roulette at the casino again: after all, I won £10 there
last night. Everyone seems to be in good shape. We are taking it very
easy here compared with Viv's usual "let's do six impossible things
before breakfast" approach to holidays.
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