September 4th, 2008

black king

Get smart

This morning, I checked the all-time box office figures at to
see what progress "The Dark Knight" had made. Say what you will, I
think it has a chance of knocking "Titanic" off its perch.
I was amazed to discover that, although only taking $128m so far in
the US, "Get smart" has already passed the key billion dollar mark
How can this be? We're talking here about a movie I have never
knowingly heard of or seen any billboard or cinema ads for, and it's
third in the world behind just T and LOTR? Have I been asleep or has
this caught everyone off guard?
Is it any good? What's it about? Should I invest my filthy lucre in
going to see this de facto epic myself?
Answers on a virtual postcard, please.
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