September 8th, 2008

black king

Just watch the days go by

So apart from the comment about the movie charts, since fixed, I see,
I haven't been here for a week.
I'm still aroind, but I do tend to get wrapped up doing other things.
Monday, it was the disgrace of Network Rail still not knowing which
way is up, so that I was late arriving at the office because Virgin
had to route its trains via Coventry.
Tueday night was the night I went out for evening meal with
mike2sheds. We went to the Bricklayers, and very fine it was too.
Those who don't like Thai food shouldn't go, however. (Why do so many
people persist in going out for a curry when they don't actually like
them? One of the many great questions of our time.)
Wednesday, pondering anew Psalm 52, a most troublesome psalm to have
to preach from, compounded by being given a title for the talk which
might not have been my choice: a tale of two trees.
Thursday, the beginning of a new lunchtime series at St Helen's. In
the evening, Ben was saying goodbye to our Bank and our country and we
were saying goodbye to him at the Light, just down from the office.
As often happens, I bought some hot chips for us all, and as ever they
were well received. The amount of food I get to eat at such times is
quite small, making for expensive food, but I see it as a step towards
host responsibility - even when I'm not the host.
Friday, the end of a quiet week. I left a bit early, but I did not
reckon on what would happen later. To keep it short: Flooding had
closed the line between Chester and Hooton. A journey north along the
peninsula from Chester should take 18 minutes but after Merseyrail's
lies and inept management, it took three hours. And none of the idiots
on the station who wanted to go to Bromborough were prepared to put in
a fiver to share a taxi and be home hours earlier. Next time I will
get a taxi myself.
Saturday morning to the optician and the bank for David. And in the
afternoon, finished the sermon.
Saturday evening, out to J's house for her birthday. More curry, red
wine, Bailey's but nothing excessive:
Sunday at 09.30: preaching from Psalm 52, which will be put online
some time. After that, Viv and I stayed for the family service, after
which it was lunch at the Merebrook for the family. Steak for three,
steak pie for two.
Then David and I went to fill Betty's car with petrol while Viv went
to Liverpool to look at the spider.
A busy evening and a (relatively) early night before the early start.
So now I'm at Crewe Station. I'll be writing about Freddie and Fannie
next. That is all.
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