September 10th, 2008


Good evening from Queensway

No, not the tunnel.
I've abandoned the Hilton for a week because their prices were too much for a week.
It's not been an ideal work-week, for reasons outside the scope of a public journal.
As it turns out, I'm not yet going to write about the two American giants, but I will, given time.

Instead, I must surely write about the two Toastmasters contests last night.

First, table topics. This is one of the oddities of Toastmasters: a short, impromptu speech. Speakers are required to speak to a topic with no preparation time. The topic last night was "Global warming: is it just hot air?" Well, it seems that my ill-informed ramblings on this subject were well received, as I won the contest.

Second: Humorous speech. This is one where I stand a decent chance if I have a chance to prepare properly. Unfortunately, most of my time and effort recently had been taken up with Psalm 52, so the humour didn't get the time it deserved. So I was very pleased to win with a revised "How I see things" speech about which I may write more later.

If you can get to the Islington Hilton on the evening of 8th October, you can watch me compete at Area level against club winners from across London. You'd be more than welcome to come and support me. A humorous speech contest always makes for a good night out.

After the contest, a small amount of celebration in the pub before making my way back to Queensway. What fun!
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