September 15th, 2008


Up to date

I posted a reasonably lengthy entry on Friday morning on my BlackBerry, but my finger slipped and I pressed "Discard" instead of "Save". I've changed the options so that this won't happen again...

On Wednesday, we again waited patiently but in vain for usable data, but the time wasn't wasted as there was still a veritable raft of things to do. With the passing of time, I'm struggling to remember exactly what it was that I did do on Wednesday evening, but I'm sure it was good and interesting...whatever it was.

By Thursday afternoon, we were all well into the swing of the dealing with the data that had arrived, and it wasn't until quite late that I was able to bid my farewells to the office and be on my way.

Friday morning, and the end of what we were able to do for the time being. As it turned out, this was ideal for me: I had been worried that I wouldn't be able to make good my escape to get to the fair city of Bangor, where the C of E National Readers Conference was to take place. The journey from London to Crewe and the journey from Crewe to Bangor are both about the same length, at least in time. so leaving at lunchtime meant I got there just in time for the evening meal.

In an attempt to catch up, I will add "details of the conference" to my to-do list, and tell you that I only just got back in time for the evening service at St A's on Sunday, led by Debbi, and Dave L's preaching debut.

Exhausted, back home for exciting things like sitting in the new chairs, placing an order at Asda online (supermarket), catching up with Viv and the boys and generally doing some administrivia.

I really didn't want to get to bed too late: a combination of tiredness and a forthcoming early morning insisted on this.

So now, after a relatively uneventful journey and day, I'm back in Wembley, catching up with some bits and pieces before another early night.

I do need to write a Financial post some time soon, as well as posting the sermons that aren't online yet.
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