November 10th, 2008

black king

Monday musings

Good morning. Looking back, I see it is once again a week since a real
entry appeared here. The time has been soent working, sleeping,
socialising, travelling and following elections.
Last Sunday, the story of the Prodigal Son. And the message from this,
apart from the fact that today the fatted calf is superseded by chips,
burgers and cake, is the overwhelming love of the Father to his sons.
Sunday evening, another service, Monday morning another trip to the
Big City. The week wasn't too bad, all things considered. Tuesday
evening was a little disappointing, as I had an evening-meal
appointment cancelled, but this was balanced by the news of a possible
new appointment on Wednesday.
Wednesday morning dawned bright and early as I set off for the annual
City Prayer Breakfast. Yes, that was a very worthwhile event, though I
do concede that it probably would not have been the appointment of
choice for many on my flist. In the evening, it was over to Paddington
to meet Mal, who had been on business in London. And we realised that
it had been June when last we dined together.
Thursday: a quiet day for me, but the beginning of new chemotherapy
for Christopher, who has a series of new and old drugs, some of which
make him tired and some of which (the steroids I think) make him even
grumpier than usual.
Friday: reasonably painless journey. Christopher got back home from
his youth group just a few moments after I got back from London.
Saturday, I went off to Townfield church's prayer breakfast. It must
be the season for them, but had fried a breakfast for Christopher
before I left. And at lunchtime, it was steak at the Merebrook. Grumpy
and Hungry.
A quiet afternoon, as Christopher did things on the computer or
watched "Friends" or both. (Friends - all ten series for £50 at Zavvi)
Viv came back from her trustees meeting quite late, with stories of
drunks on trains and alarming reroutings of trains. Crewe to Liverpool
in two hours via Manchester on a Pendolino full of drunks and hauled
by a diesel loco? No thanks. Change at Crewe and pick up a RRB from
Chester to Hooton. I met her at Hooton, just after the southbound RRB
had left. Songs in their repertoire included "The wheels on the bus go
round and round" (All day long) and "Sloop John B" (This is the worst
trip I've ever been on).
Ridiculous answers to sensible questions:
Checkout operator at Merebrook, struggling: What's the gammon steak under?
Answer: A slice of pineapple.
Passenger at Hooton: How long will the bus be?
Answer: About twenty feet.
Then sanity returned. Sunday, Remembrance Day. That is an important
day for us all to consider.
Afterwards, lunch at Betty's place and then off to buy 15 litres of petrol.
At last we completed our insurance claim from earlier in the year.
Replaced the light in the bathroom. Went off to the evening service.
Tea and talk afterwards.
An early start this morning, which is so much fun that I will do it
again on Wednesday.


Early in the week, the undisputed election of the first Democrat
president in the US since 1996 or thereabouts. I will believe that the
country is successfully racially integrated when the colour of a
president's skin is no longer remarkable. Far too many words have
already been spoken about this election. I offer just a few to the
wailing Republicans: is your God so small that you can't understand He
chose to do what He wanted in a way that was different to your

In any case, far more interesting was the election in New Zealand.
Where else would late 2008 see the election of a former investment
banker as Prime Minister in a sharp shift to the right. The pictures
of a well presented John Key are in stark contrast to the
extraordinary pictures of Helen Clark, to whom the concept of
"gracious in defeat" is evidently completely alien. Meanwhile,
National has 59 seats, which is exactly 59 more than New Zealand First
managed. Goodbye, Winston.

And that's about it for now. More sooner or later.
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