November 17th, 2008

black king

South of Crewe once more, travelling south

Here we go. It seems that I have been known to write more on the days
I'm on a train than on other days. The people who have made this
observation are right. So let's have a look at the last week in all
its gory.
I've already covered Monday to Wednesday morning from last week, so
that was easy. Off to the exec lounge at the Kensington Hilton on
Wednesday night. It wasn't too late to get a drink or two while I
prepared the service for Sunday morning. I was very good and only took
to soft drinks until the service was sorted. Unfortunately, the
service plan was not ideal, as nobody had told me that it also had a
baptism in it. The notes I had told me that the baptism would be a
separate service afterwards. Ah well. It didn't turn out too bad in
the end.
A load of people at work have been unwell recently but I'd survived
till Thursday morning, at which point I had a slight cough. Nothing to
worry about. It was Kate's farewell lunch, so a couple of dozen of us
went off to the Mudmee, a Thai place close to work. It's still a good
place to have lunch, though I have been disappointed by it in the
Mismanagement meant that I had also scheduled a Thai meal in the
evening. About seven, I met Graeme, a former co-worker who has now
also taken employment in London. He's now with a major consultancy
company. We started at Liverpool Street Station and walked down to the
Bricklayer's Arms. A quick drink before the major event: the Thai
banquet. Very good indeed. I will go there again, and I thank Mike for
introducing me to it in the first place. Then off to the King's Stores
on our way back to Liverpool Street.
I woke on Friday very early with a bad cough and a slight fever, which
was not good, and which was to last through the weekend.
Friday night at home, after another uneventful journey, John was
there. He's our friend working in Mongolia. It doesn't seem like a
year since I saw him, but he is still much the same. That was Friday
night, and Saturday morning too.
A quiet Saturday evening and then on to Sunday morning. I mostly kept
the cough under control while leading the service, but I still seem to
frustrate Viv when I cough. She said she'll only be happy when I can
guarantee I will never cough again, but surely she doesn't really want
me dead?
So now let's move on to Monday morning. Everything was fine till I got
to Crewe. At Crewe, someone sat down next to me. He seems harmless,
but stinks of alcohol and tobacco and also twitches several times
every minute. I don't think his ticket is valid either. Why do they
always pick me? There are loads of other seats he could have chosen.
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black king

Mystery man

About the time we passed Stafford, the twitching man's phone started
to emit a high-pitched scream. He consulted some pages on its screen
which seemed to be in English and Thai and then picked up his bag and
walked down the corridor towards the back of the train. Very strange.
(The train doesn't stop between. Crewe and Watford. Just passing
Nuneaton as I type this.)
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