November 24th, 2008

black king


It has been a busy week including a busy weekend without a doubt. But
as to what has been happening here, that is another story.
Here is another week, and it seems like there is no let-up at all.
It's all further complicated by the weather being so cold. I haven't
seen any snow yet this weekend, but Matthew tells me it was snowing in
Liverpool at 4 o'clock yesterday morning. I don't want to know. Now on
the way out of Crewe. The thousand giggling ladies pulling pink
suitcases are, thankfully, in a different carriage. I don't want to
know about that either.
Summary of the evenings of the week just gone as I recall.
Monday - worked late
Tuesday - worked late
Wednesday - had meal and talk with John G
Thursday - worked late
Friday - went home
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black king

Slow Train Coming

Network Rail cheerfully fine rail companies whose trains arrive late
but are unable to keep the points working. Millions of pounds invested
in improving the rail network is wasted if the trains are still
delayed by points failures.
By now, it's twenty minutes past the scheduled arrival time and we are
still in sweet suburbia.
And on this train, just about everyone will have paid a full fare. I
sometimes think I might as well get the next one, but that probably
runs late too.
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