December 8th, 2008

black king

Back on an even keel

Good morning. Here is the update on the past couple of weeks,
inevitably abbreviated as a result of lack of time to post and a poor
memory. A busy weekend two weeks ago, though I can scarcely remember
why. The train service has been generous to me over those weeks. Back
to work on one such train on Monday morning. Things were quite busy,
but I did get to Wembley at a reasonable hour. Tuesday was quite an
exciting day, as I fitted in as much as I was able before leaving at 3
to go home for a Deanery meeting. The journey wasn't bad from Euston,
but it seemed like I might not get there: I had planned enough time
for five stops and a walk from Euston Square, so having to take the
Central Line to Tottenham Court Road and then change onto the Northern
Line was a bit of a shock. I did make it on time, just.
Probably worth the journey. Back to London on Wednesday. The week
gathered pace and I ended up staying late on Friday to start work on a
curly problem we had encountered.
A busy weekend as Viv and I were running a big event for Crosslinks:
the launch of the Crosslinks Unwrapped roadshow. Well, Andy and Tim
from Crosslinks were running it; we just made sure it had a venue and
an audience sufficiently fed.
A week of solid work followed, with very late nights. (Extremely late
nights are the ones where you can't get the Tube afterwards.) Not
being able to benefit at all from the freebies at the Exec Lounge is
particularly disappointing, as happened a couple of times.
At least I was able to leave early and catch up with most of a social
evening for men at church: I caught the end of the talk, the steak and
chips and the Wii ten-pin bowling.
Home later and into the weekend. Christopher felt well enough to go to
Birkenhead to do some Christmas shopping, though most of mine was done
using the services of - which means I can easily spend
hundreds of pounds without ever needing to leave home.
But I did leave home to go to buy some big storage boxes for the
garage. Sunday morning: service. Sunday lunchtime: more steak at the
Merebrook. Sunday afternoon: replacing light bulbs, online grocery
shopping. Sunday evening: service, talk, tea, preparation for the
Monday morning: Get up and ready, catch a train. It is a new working
week! Welcome to it!