December 17th, 2008

black king

Tuesday night - Keble drinks

Another few busy days, enough to make anyone despair or turn to drink.
Tonight, after despairing, I did turn to drink. In fact, it was the
Keble monthly drinks party. It is an ideal event, for the people there
are pretty much strangers, but friendly ones. So I can be myself
anonymously, but in good company. It was a very pleasant evening
indeed, just what I needed after *three* days like that. Afterwards, a
few of us walked over to Temple Station, where we travelled to
Embankment, where the party ended. So now I'm on the Bakerloo Line via
Minto Central to Marylebone. Tomorrow morning: more of the same. No,
not drinking with Keble men, silly!
That is all.
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black king

Trojan horse?

Once I got back to the hotel last night, I found a large, gift-wrapped
parcel. It is actually rather incovenient, so I am taking it to the
office today, minimising the time I will have to carry a suitcase and
a large parcel... It could be a modest gift or something appropriate
to recognise around 100 nights in their hotel this year. Or it could
be a Trojan horse.
Whatever it is, another day has dawned. This is the Metropolitan Line
from Baker Street to Liverpool Street.
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