April 8th, 2009


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  • 08:42 A very early night last night made a big difference to how I feel this morning, as I walk through Marylebone with a veritable spring. #
  • 09:14 Delays on the Chiltern and Metropolitan Lines mean that I'm still walking along Bishopsgate now. Still, they'll get extra time from me later #
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black king

In a bar on Baker Street

After a smooth journey to London, a fairly quiet week so far. I
suirvived the demonstrations against capitalism last week, but one
poor soul didn't.
Our Christopher continues with treatment, but there will be none this
week as his blood count is too low.
It's been a quiet week, though not without surprises.
(One surprise now is the yellow card against John Terry.)
So I'm sitting quietly in a bar at the end of Baker Street watching
the game, which is becoming an increasingly painful experience.
Back to Wembley after this, and I think it could feel like a long
journey if there are no more goals to cheer me.
On the brighter side, two four day weeks in a row makes for a happy life.
And in the midst of the weekend, the celebration of the Resurrection.
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