April 20th, 2009


From this morning...

Friday evening and I was able to set off straight after the 5 o'clock conference call. A straightforward trip to Euston, though pretty crowded as ever. For some reason, I tend to go to Euston (changing at either Moorgate of King's Cross St Pancras) on Friday evenings, but on Monday mornings I walk to Euston Square and catch one of the direct trains to Liverpool Street. I'm still not sure which is quicker - the underground walking seems to be just as much.
I was fortunate to be able to catch the 18:10 to Chester, and Viv met me there. This was a very quiet journey, and on time too. Straight home after a quick chat to the hospital, unfortunately.
Saturday morning was pretty quiet, except that we visited Alder Hey at about ten o'clock. Christopher had a lumbar puncture followed by a long session of cyclophosphamide on Thursday, and on Friday he had a slight possible infection on his central line, so they took a look at it on Saturday, giving him some bullet-sized antibiotic capsules. After that, we went to Liverpool City Centre and took the opportunity to check that Burger King's product hasn't changed before having a quick look at Liverpool One for the first time. Viv and I resolved to have a closer look at it later, but then we went home.
Saturday evening and a closer look at Liverpool One. For those of you in the Hutt Valley or West London, think Westfield and you'll be close. After some investigation, we discovered the future site of an upmarket apartment block, the new Hilton and a number of fine restaurants.
When we were in Leeds, (November 2007?), we went to a Thai restaurant. Viv hadn't ever had the benefit of proper Thai restaurant food up to that point. We found that Chaophraya is about to open a branch in Liverpool One. That will be splendid indeed. Instead, we went off to Yee Rah, which also offers Asian cuisine, and discovered later that it is owned by the same people.
Back home after a splendid evening meal, on what turned out to be a better day than it seemed at the start.
Sunday. Early start. Debbi was preaching on the subject of the empty tomb. We cannot avoid the fact that examination of the evidence for the resurrection is compelling. I'm happy to discuss this further if anyone reading this wishes to. After the service, it was time for lunch, but we didn't dine out. After the last time Christopher was at this point in a treatment cycle, he was much sicker, so we chose to eat at home, though I think we could have done otherwise.
Viv and I went off for a walk through Dibbinsdale towards Brotherton Park before setting off to church for the Bala service (a youth service for those who have just come back from a weekend in Bala, in North Wales). Then back home for the rest of the evening before a relatively early night.
So now, after a happy but short night of sleep, I'm on the train to London, typing this up. And listening to "Ten Years with Maggie", just released on CD for the first time. Political satire at its finest, though possibly a trifle dated.
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