Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Viv's and Matthew's itinerary

Here is the itinerary for Viv's and Matthew's trip:
Sun12Sep NZ418 1030 Wellington   1130   Auckland
Sun12Sep SQ286 1415 Auckland     2045   Singapore
Sun12Sep SQ334 2335 Singapore    0650+1 Paris CDG
Mon13Sep BD182 1855 Paris CDG    1910   London LHR
Wed15Sep BD584 0905 London LHR   1005   Manchester
Mon27Sep US197 1235 Manchester   1525   Philadelphia PA
Mon27Sep US893 1730 Philadelphia 1952   Orlando FL more than an hour late
Fri01Oct UA277 1730 Orlando      1928   Los Angeles CA
Fri01Oct NZ001 2130 Los Angeles  0615+2 Auckland
Sun03Oct NZ415 0900 Auckland     1000   Wellington (11:00 flight after filling in a PIR)

10 flights - 5 airlines - almost 26,000 miles
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