Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Three days to catch up

After going to bed on friday night, it wasn't long till I rose on Saturday morning, as I was being picked up at 6:15 to go to Synod. I also needed to pack, shower, have breakfast, say goodbye to Viv and Matthew and a variety of other things.
Jess and I arrived at Synod in Palmerston North around 8:30, giving us half an hour before the start. I caught up briefly with some old faces: Monty Black has just been appointed Archdeacon of Ohariu; Robin Nairn is still Provincial Secretary. The Synod this year was an unusual one in that as a policy there was no legislation: instead, we had some discussion groups and Bible study: almost unheard of for Synod. The day passed very quickly, followed by the Synod dinner, at which we were entertained and bemused by a senior member of the Diocese who i will not name, but who had a very different theology to mine, and who for some reason persisted in calling me Tim ("well, I knew it was a three letter name").
Sunday morning, breakfast at McD: it's cheap and predictable. Then back to Synod for some more lively discussion in a Convention centre that needed more air conditioning. After lunch, the business continued. I'll post more detail later, perhaps.
Today, a shorter than average day at work as I was meeting my co-moderator to discuss the "170 Fundamentals of Banking" paper we are moderating. Then home and teatime.
Meanwhile, vivh and pcfreak8 should have arrived in Paris about an hour ago. They have definitely reached Singapore, according to their LJs, and I presume have got to Paris by now.
We're now just about to have tea, while the two remaining boys watch Hey There, It's Yogi Bear, better than you might expect.
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