Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Another day

Well, the news that everyone has reached England was welcome, of course. Today, I had arranged to have lunch with a co-worker, who had of course forgotten. I'm glad I checked before setting off, because that would have brought my total of stand-ups there to five. We've rearranged it for tomorrow.
I got a phone call from David to say we were all invited to the Moore family home for tea. It was a rushed affair, as David and Stuart wanted to get to youth group.
I noticed that Christopher wasn't wearing his glasses. They have been "misplaced". Are they at home or at school? Neither. Then where are they? I was walking along the river, and I fell in. I can't believe this boy. Falls in a river on the way to school, must have been frozen and soaked and lost his glasses. Nothing else seems to have gone wrong yet. Brought him home, but I'll need to go and get David in a minute.
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