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Against stupidity, the gods themselve conspire in vain

It was raining hard this morning, and I was absolutely soaked walking from the station to the office. I was in a sort of haze as I walked up the nine floors to the office, where I tracked down a towel.
Just after eleven, Michael, Murray and I got a lift up the hill to look at new clothes at <http://www.bookerspalding.co.nz>Booker Spalding</a>. They collect another three orders for corporate wardrobe suits and things.
After lunch, a quickly grabbed sandwich, it was back to work. After that, the weather had deteriorated even further and I couldn't believe how wet it was going back to the station. Tuesday's fish and chips night, but Viv had a Chinese from the place on Stokes Valley Road. I only just had time to eat it before shooting off to the leaders meeting at church.
Getting there was an adventure, being my first journey in the new car. Details about the car follow. When I got back, Viv was reviewing videos for possible use in the children's ministry on Sunday.
Tomorrow is a holiday.
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