Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Thursday was undistinguished, though we did have two speeches at the club meeting in the morning, and very good they were too. The rest of the day was its usual uneven self. At lunchtime, I went to Leuven with Louise, who used to work with me on the Basel project, so that we could catch up on news and things. Thursday evening was another quiet evening, except for the fact that I spent a lot of it listening to the Ring. I also called in at Dick Smith to ask about DVD players for our new computer. Apparently we have something loaded onto the machine, but they didn't know it was there when they shipped the machines. Didn't work: I had to uninstall some other things I had got to try to do the same, but after doing that and then reinstalling Power DVD, we can now play them, both in Power and Real formats.
Friday: took frames back to the optician after trying a couple of samples. With any luck, they should be delivered before the end of the next week. Took the opportunity to go for a curry with the old team on Friday lunchtime. No changes there: Richard, Andrew, Steve, Indika, Ian.
Saturday: A Toastmasters contest for the Upper Valley. Details in another post. After that, we went off to Wellington for a bite to eat and a movie. We chose The Terminal which should have been entertaining but was in fact tripe. Even Speilberg slips up occasionally, it would seem. We again had the ominous experience of walking into a cinema that was almost empty, which is never a good sign. But after the movie, we had some Copenhagen ice cream and that made us feel better.
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