Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Sunday started much as any other Sunday: Ian struggling to get out of bed and be ready in time for church. It was Youth Sunday, which meant that Tuari was taking part in the main part of the service, where he was presented with an authority for school chaplaincy by a lady from Leicester, whose title I didn't catch.
After "the last soup of the season", swansong flavour I think, we did all the washing up and putting away before I took David to the station to go to archery. Shortly after that, I received a text to say that there wasn't any archery today, so I fetched him. After that, Sunday pretty much drifted slowly into Monday.
Monday morning and a call to say Chris's glasses were ready, another call to say Star Trek was in stock, a call made to say that I'd drop our car off for service and repairs and a warrant after Vestry on Tuesday, which reminds me that I must find out the bus times for the morning.
Last night I offered the boys a choice of the New World supermarket in SV followed by fish and chips or Woolworths in UH followed by Subway. We went to Woolworths, where I bought enough food to keep us happy till Viv gets back (I think) followed by three sandwiches from Subway. That's one each, I mean.
Then we came home and watched the first of 29 ST:TOS episodes. It will be a slow process to watch them all, because they are nearly an hour each and I scarcely have an hour. Take this week for example. Tuesday: Vestry, Wednesday: Youth group, Thursday: Music group practice, Friday: getting the car back.
Anyhow, it was Toastmasters at the new IRD club today. Their membership is sitting on 14: not yet enough to charter a new club but promising. Let's wait and see what happens. I certainly won't want to wait a year for it to happen.
I left work early today so that we get Chris his new glasses and arrange for David to be screwed up. (No, we've already done that joke.) There wasn't time to go back to work afterwards, so we had a late afternoon tea at Leuven before coming home for mince and noodles. Then it was off to Vestry, where the main discussion tonight seemed to be about whether we should run "The Inn-side Story" again this Christmas. It's popular, but running a large drama with supper afterwards on the two nights before Christmas is somewhat resource-hungry. The mood of the meeting seemed to be that we should do something, but not so intensive, and probably for one night only. This brings us to the whole question of evangelism, which has been discussed many times in many different settings. We can never know what seeds may have been sown by what we do at these sessions: people who see the performance and are inspired months or even years later. Yes, that's true. But we never hear the story of what else might have happened if history had followed a different tack. We never hear of any possible negative outcomes. This is the same discussion as to how much a mission event costs. Well, it might have been $100,000, says a supporter, but if even one person was saved as a result, then it was worth it. I'm sorry: I struggle to agree. Even in spiritual things, cost-benefit analyses need to take hold. If $100,000 could only deliver the result of one saved sinner, then the money was probably not well spent. This large amount of money could, in my humble opinion, have been used more effectively elsewhere.
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