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Thursday night

Just when you thought you knew what you were doing, the "Update Journal" page changes. I'm still learning new things about my new and exciting phone, but one thing i haven't yet determined is how to use it to post pictures to my LJ. Once I've got that sorted, you'll know. Oh yes, you'll know!
Anyway, yesterday was again spent in paralysis by analysis of bank risk, interrupted by a seminar from Mike Frith from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (NZ equivalent of Federal Reserve (US) or Bank of England/FSA (UK) or RBA/APRA (AU)). He was talking about the future approach for New Zealand's banking system in the event of a major bank crisis. He went to some lengths to explain that this is not expected, but the RBNZ needs to be vigilant "like an army in peacetime".
After work, I went to the Moores to join david and Christopher for tea. I was late, compounded by the fact that the bus was 25 minutes late and didn't stop from just by church to Upper Hutt centre...so I had to catch another bus back south to their house. After tea, I joined their Bible study, which focussed on Absalom (2 Sam 15-18 and Psalm 3) and his rebellion and demise.
We got back too late to do anything about the Star Wars Trilogy I bought, which brings the outstanding DVD count to 28 Star Trek episodes and 3 Star Wars movies...
Up early this morning for Toastmasters, which saw the return of both Russell H and Corinne R. Russell was there to receive his Competent Toastmaster award and to give a final presentation. Imagine my surprise when he launched into a speech about...bank failures in New Zealand! He was able to tell us that New Zealand is one of only two OECD countries without depositor guarantees, but didn't tell us what the other one is.
Other things that happened during the day included going up to NZQA to hand in the completed moderation reports I had been working on and a visit to Westpac to pay a couple of outstanding bills.
Apart from that, a quiet day, and I'm sure my cough will be better before vivh gets back. Now to the next business, an episode of Star Trek, The Original Series.
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