Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Friday: here comes the weekend

After leaving for work and arriving there successfully, I was minding my own business (or the Bank's at any rate) when the phone rang. It was David...they had locked themselves out.
Should they call a locksmith? - certainly not, it would cost about $100.
Then should they smash a window? - certainly not, it would cost about $100.
No glasses, no watches, no keys, no money. I told them to borrow $20 and come to my office to collect a key. They did this. I would have joined them for lunch if I hadn't been committed to going to another meeting.
Then at hometime, another call to say that Norrie had returned the car after a service, but needs it back for windscreen and warrant attention.
Sausages and sponge pudding tonight. At the weekend, we each chose a sort of sponge pudding. David went for chocolate fudge, Christopher chose maple syrup and I chose light fruit.
I bet you people are shaking your head and saying "I never know what ringbark is going to talk about next".
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