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No, the end of the world isn't here. That was yesterday. Queen's Wharf Events Centre is a bigger venue than the Michael Fowler centre, but it's still not big enough for the festival as it has now become.
Saturday morning started with a visit to Leuven for breakfast. Unfortunately, it was closed, so we went to Subway on Featherston Street - also closed :-( so we ended up at McDonalds - :-( again.
but before either of those things, we parked at Queen's Wharf - at least after the fire alert there we did.
Anyway, after breakfast, we went in and had a look around. The queues were astounding for many things, so I wandered around and looked at things, buying a number of NZ and Aus comics before we went off to hear Sean Astin answering questions. I felt that he was unprepared for this, as I'm sure he should have stock answers to "what was your favourite part of making LOTR", "what was your least favourite part of making LOTR". "who did you get on with best on set", "which part of NZ did you like best", "what are you working on now" and so forth. The fact that the sound system was in constant dispute with the sound system for the wrestling downstairs didn't help either.
We went off to Leuven for lunch, where Chris had pancakes with ham and cheese, David had rabbit stew and I had beef stew, before we returned to Armageddon, where the queue for signatures scarcely moved at all, leaving us to see how personable John Rhys-Davies is. I got signatures from Sean (Samwise), Sarah (Rosie and May Belle) and Thomas (Deagol and Colin Mackenzie), making my focus more about Forgotten Silver than LOTR.
We returned home and had a modest tea and another couple of episodes of Star Trek:The Original Series.
A quiet day today, apart from our church service, where I took the part of the rich man in the story of the rich man and Lazarus. I love these good parts.
We had a shared lunch after the service, followed by David at archery and ian and chris at the supermarket. I put on a whole raft of washing this afternoon, which should improve my quality of life. Two more episodes of ST:TOS tonight, with "The Menagerie" next up, probably tomorrow.
I'm just taking a few minutes here to catch up before sleep time, with it occurring to me that this it the last full day that Viv and Matthew are in England.
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