Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The week in review

I typed a lot about this week into my phone, and Xtra ate the message before it ever got to LJ. In brief: Monday was a very ordinary sort of Monday, Tuesday was a very ordinary sort of Tuesday except that the AIBF had their monthly committee meeting. We were very pleased to get back a car with a new windscreen and, more importantly, a new warrant of fitness (roadworthiness certificate, MOT, thing that says its safe to drive legally). Wednesday saw us go to tea chez Moore again, which is very generous of them. The boys weren't happy about going home early (about 10) but it's really not negotiable when i have to be at 5 to get to Toastmasters.
It was a quirky Toastmasters meeting, with a speech from me about angels and from Penny about the absence of prrof that gravity exists. Despite that, a visitor sined up for membership on the spot. You never can tell. Thursday was also the day Don P retired. He will be missed by many in the Risk Management community.
A new financial year for the Bank started on Friday, but none of the end-of-month data we need for reporting has arrived yet, so I busied myself with some other required analysis.
We took a trip to the Golden Arches on Thursday night, but who can blame us for that? I need some time off. The weekends since Viv left have been occupied without fail:
0: Diocesan Synod
1: Hutt/Wairarapa Area Toastmasters
2: Armageddon
3: Division E Conference (today)
4: Evita (next weekend)
In the Toastmasters conference contests today, the humorous speech contest was won by Woolly from Business Breakfast and the Table Topics contest by Ella from Upper Hutt. I will leave comment about the issues surrounding the contests as a whole for another day.
Meanwhile, Viv and Matthew are in flight to Auckland, where they will be arriving in around eleven and a half hours. I was interested to read their moods in the last LJ entries. vivh says that she is "accomplished" while pcfreak8 says that he is "exhausted". I'm sure a good night's sleep will do them both a world of good. Of course, on a 747 you don't often get "a good night's sleep", but that is another story.
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