Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Last weekend, food and musicals

An entry describing the week before this has gone missing somewhere between Telecom and LiveJournal.

Saturday morning dawned early, and after the lightest of breakfasts, we set off for Lower Hutt and haircuts for David and Christopher. My hair had been cut the week before, while Viv and Matthew had been dealt with half a world away a week or so before that. While they were being trimmed, we had a look around some of the other emporia in the area. These included the local Manna store, where we purchased a NZ prayerbook as requested by domel and a NZ calendar as requested by his wife, who should get her own LJ so I can put the cool icon there too.
Then we were heading south to the Windy City itself, where I had booked lunch for us at One Red Dog.

David (bamboobowboy)consumed a hot Thai pizza, while Viv (vivh)had something with beef bearnaise, while I (ringbark) had something with prosciutto ham, mushroom and an alarming number of green leaves. Matthew (pcfreak8) and Christopher (too young) had ham, bacon and cheese pizzas. Garlic loaves to start, Stella, Coke, spiders or similar to drink and then it was off to the St James Theatre for the day's main attraction:
A magnificent (and expensive) production of Evita - the musical experience. Evita, for those who haven't been paying attention these past thirty years, was the finest work by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber, describing the rise to power of Eva Peron, the first lady of Argentina. The biting cynicism is magnificent, and the production offered much in its interpretation.

"As a mere observer of this tasteless phenomenon, one has to admire the stage management..."

"Did you hear that? He called me a whore! He actually called me a whore"
"But Senora Peron - it's an easy mistake. I've had that trouble too! I'm still called an admiral, yet I gave up the sea long ago."

Truly a magnificent spectacle, as ever. We have now seen it in London, Birmingham, Amsterdam and Wellington. This is the first time since 1989.
Tie for first place: Les Miserables (Washington DC, Napier, Wellington twice)

The show ended, and everyone went home. A quiet evening, a quiet day at church on Sunday. Christopher went off to a birthday party, while David went off and walked the dog (not our dog, just a friend's). Matthew went up to Dallas and Beverley's house where he and David later stayed for tea...which left us by ourselves, so we went off to Upper Hutt to look at computer furniture. We ordered a unit for a computer and its bits so that we can reclaim our dining room. Then we picked up the boys and went off to the supermarket, where we bought the usual provisions for a week.

Since then, it's been three days at work, with a Capital Breakfast Toastmasters meeting tomorrow meeting. I was at a bank presentation on Tuesday and so couldn't help at Up Top Toastmasters on tuesday...and I won't be there next week either.
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