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Computer ate my posting

These weeks, they happen: we're onto another week. The Moores came to dinner on Sunday and ate and drank and talked and looked at postcards. Monday started the next working week, the first one after the month end, giving us plenty to do.
Tuesday was the Melbourne Cup as previously reported. By Wednesday, the focus was on the US and the election. In 1980, they said if God had meant the Americans to have a president, he would have given them a candidate. Same in 2004, I'm sorry to say.
By the end of the week, I was spending money at an alarming rate. The flights AKL-VLI-AKL are now paid for. jiggery_pokery and others will now be looking up where VLI is. South of SON and north of TAH, if that helps. Even so, it's another 11,000 American Express Membership Rewards points (and there's more to come).
Friday night and the annual (now in its 7th year for me) visit to Wellington Harbour for the fireworks. As I've asked before, why does a Catholic city like Wellington celebrate the overthrow of the plot by Guy Fawkes against the monarchy? Received wisdom in many parts of England was that Catholics didn't tend to celebrate on 5th November, but takahe has clearly shown that this isn't the case. At least she didn't burn any crosses.
Here in the Hutt Valley, Viv is at a meeting of the youth camp planning committee, while the rest of us are atF8L Gaming which closes down tonight. The boys are playing games I don't understand, and which I don't think I want to understand. But when we get home, it's time to assemble a new computer table and maybe even put a new clothes wash on...
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