Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thursday morning

Another really early start. This morning, I was appointed to the role of grammarian at the meeting. I chose to discuss the difference between then and than, which someone was asking about in LJ not long ago. I couldn't believe anyone ever had trouble with them, but the following day I saw written evidence that they do.
As the day rolled on, I went out to see the parade along Lambton Quay. The New Zealand Sevens starts tomorrow just down the road and the teams were introducing themselves to whoever was passing. At the head of the parade was the Wellington City Pipe Band, with one of my co-workers piping.
It's a pity that the parade meant I forgot a lunch appointment and went and had a quick McD instead.
Back to work and as we prepared a major presentation for a meeting next week, I also missed attending the Gourmet Toastmasters' opening meeting of the year.
I caught the train at 7:35and then we went to pay our friend who had sold us our new car. What's left of the evening will be along in a minute.
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