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09:31 pm: Early in the week
Nobody came to dinner this Saturday or Sunday. On Saturday, we collected the computer desk and on Sunday we assembled it. The church service on Sunday was neither more nor less than an ordinary Sunday service. The theme of the service was the passage about the Sadducees asking about marriage after the resurrection.
Monday was a normal working day, followed by Viv going off to Toastmasters and me playing Age of Mythology. The evening was interrupted by a shelf in the kitchen falling down again. This time, there were very few casualties: a bottle of peppermint schnapps broke, meaning that the cleaning up job was at least pleasantly fragranced.
Christopher is at school camp, so it's quieter here than usual, not to say that he's unduly noisy, but that two boys don't cause as much disturbance as three. I thought of the school camp this morning as i was on my way to work and accidentally chose a carriage with another school party going off to camp. The cacophony and babble was stupendous.
It looks like a week for the Bankers this week, with a regular meeting tomorrow, a meet-the-CEO lunch on Wednesday and two days leave, primarily for their annual dinner in Auckland, on Thursday and Friday. Then on Friday night, I'll be back as the others go away, and I'll be seeing Fleetwood Mac - The Chain in concert in Wellington.


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Date:November 8th, 2004 01:47 am (UTC)
School camp - wheee - sent our seniors off on the bus today. I am going to have a GREAT week working at school without the little darlings!!
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