Ian (ringbark) wrote,


Good morning from Wellington Airport. It's been an exciting day so far: Toastmasters where I was General Evaluator with speeches about selling real estate and an ice-breaker about India. I was General Evaluator, which means I get to say things about lots of people and try not to be too rude.
There were NO taxis outside the Ibis this morning, because the Unknown Warrior ceremony has closed half the streets of the city and mopped up all the taxis too. I had to order one but I have checked in to the flight in enough time to get to do this too. So here we are.
David was at Parliament for the Unknown Warrior ceremony yesterday, but I haven't heard how it went. Perhaps he will post his impressions here? I won't be seeing him again till Sunday afternoon; I'm back on Friday by which time he will be off to camp.
As for me, the flight starts boarding in six minutes...more later!
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