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Thursday night / Friday morning

Walked up to the Sheraton Hotel for drinks and dinner with the AIBF. This was a large affair, with around 460 people. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and catch up with some I hadn't seen for a long time. Salmon stuff, fancy chicken, passion fruit dessert.
The main speakers were Hugh Burrett, the CEO of ASB, who spoke on leadership to the theme "View from the top" and stressed that he's pleased to have "the worthy opponent", which I suppose in me.
Hugh's words may be forgotten, but we'll remember some of Raybon Kan's thoughts. He wasn't shy to talk about the issue of undisclosed fees "I've never addressed such a large crowd of criminals" and whether secret fees were right or not.

Behind Raybon were large banners with this on them, and he asked whether it was not just secret fees, but secret initials too. How can "Australasian Institute of Banking and Finance" be abbreviated to "B+FS" ? And then it came to him (pointing at the B) BANK, (pointing at the FS) FEES, (pointing at the +) PLUS PLUS PLUS!
That was just the beginning of an interesting exploration into other things about banking.
After the dinner, and the schmoozing, I did what any worthy risk analyst would do and went off to the casino, where I won $120 at roulette. Cynics might point out that if I'd lost, I might not have mentioned it.
This morning and after a breakfast at the Arches ($6.15) rather than the hotel ($15) I typed up tis stuff and arranged to meet with Mark for lunch. He started by directing me to a sushi shop on Symonds Street, but the directions broke down when he said "go past the Medieval Shop" - instead, we're meeting there.
What happened to the IMAX screen in Auckland - I knew there were "issues" with it, but I didn't realise it had been replaced by an ordinary cinema instead. That's about it from me for now, except of course I'll be back in the City of Sails next weekend. That is all.
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