Ian (ringbark) wrote,

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Another amble around humid Auckland took me to Upper Queen Street, where I renewed my membership of RBC which had lapsed over the years. Then it was over to the bohemian parts of Symonds Street where I had arranged to meet Mark. The Medieval Shop sells all manner of things, as I knew, and I bought - never mind what I bought. then it was off to the sushi bar with Mark, and then on to a cafe (Artemis?) where we bought a light lunch. Good to catch up with Mark and chat about the world in general.
That part of Symonds Street has lots of half-derelict shops and interesting stuff in the others, a bit like places such as Argyle Street, Heretaunga Street East, Needless Alley and Vivian Street over the years. Two points to anyone who can identify where to find each of these!
Then after lunch it was an amble down over Grafton Bridge (which now has anti-jump canopies) and back to Queen Street and the Kiwi Hotel. I'm just catching up with the last part of the adventure before I zip off to the airport and the trip home. Later on: Fleetwood Mac The Chain at - The Opera Hose? The St James? Maybe I should check what my ticket says...
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