Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Back home

The flight was a very ordinary one. Qantas offer in-flight entertainment on their flight: I listened to the classic rock music channel most of the way. I've never come across such a short flight having the in-flight audio and video before, and I think it's an interesting marketing ploy.
On arrival back in Wellington, I got the bus up to my office to drop off my bags before heading back to the Opera House for the Fleetwood Mac - The Chain concert. This was a magnificent show, but I could never suspend my disbelief enough to think "this is Fleetwood Mac" rather than "this is a band pretending to be Fleetwood Mac". They started with The Chain, and over the course of the evening played most of the rest of "Rumours" too. High points of the evening were probably "Tusk" with the black-and-white lights illuminating the drums and the beat being banged out by the band, and "Gold Dust Woman", the last song of the main set before encores. Not just a musical experience, but a show to watch too: effects were eye-catching, but not of the stupendously expensive variety.
Afterwards, I had planned to catch a bus back to the office but saw none, so I walked there, picked up my bags and walked to the station. From the 11:05pm train, there was, surprisingly, a bus at Taita station so I jumped on it and saved myself another $15. Another late night, but a good one.
Round here today, there's still plenty to do, so maybe I should start doing some of it.
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