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Warm days are here again

Friday morning and an early start. It's always an early start, of course, although Thursday is the earliest... I was surprised to see Sanjeevi join me on the train - he usually catches a later one, but explained that it is because his parents-in-law are staying there at the moment... No it's not what it sounds like: simply that they can take his children to school so he doesn't have to!
Work continues at its usual pace. As I often say, the main drawback with monthly reports is that you have to produce them every month. Still, that won't be for so much longer: all I have to do is hand my work over successfully and new challenges will be mine as my work becomes ever more focussed on the new Basel Accord.
We have a major meeting next week, so we were working at some length on this, which meant that I didn't get to my usual Friday lunch with some friends. Instead, I just went out and picked up a sandwich.
A lot of the people from work were going to the Sevens, so it became quieter as the day went on. I sent out the presentations just before I left for the traditional Friday drinks. As the evening continued, our director invited those remaining to have a meal. I agreed. I don't like to disappear from the family at short notice, and I do it very rarely, but this was one of those occasions.
At the end of the evening, it suddenly dawned on me that I would be arriving at the station at the same time as 38,000 people from the stadium, but that couldn't be helped. I sat on the train in the furthest carriage from the stadium exit, right at the back of the station.
This proved to be a less than perfect move: Taita station doesn't look the same from that end, so I didn't recognise it, or the distinctive red glow from the Pizza Hut by it, until after the train had left. This meant a walk home from Pomare station - not the best at that hour of the night.

This morning, I was taking David to softball at Matthew to cricket. At the end of the morning, I was bewildered by the news that Matthew's team didn't know who had won: they lost track of the score and no-one knew who had won. Amazing!
After lunch, we decided it was time to start looking for birthday present. Somewhere along the way, something didn't go to plan. Instead of a bicycle for Christopher, we ended up buying a bicycle for Christopher AND a sofa for the living room AND a the deposit on bicycle for David.

Our new car is an Austin Montego, a white 1986 station wagon. It seems to go pretty well. In other news, it's still pretty hot here in Wellington, a welcome piece of news after a fairly disappointing summer so far.

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