Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Sunday evening - still hot

The morning started with a text message telling me Ipswich 0 Liverpool 6 which is extremely welcome news, and may well mean that Mike will be buying lunch tomorrow or at least some time early in the week.
Our service this morning was reasonably straightforward, with the theme of salt and light (Matthew 5). But why is it that we always feel so exhausted after the service? There's so much to do and so few people to do it all, whether spiritual or practical (although the two are of course interdependent).
As the afternoon continued, we didn't do much but recovered quietly from the day and the days past. The boys had french bread, shaved ham and doughnuts for tea, while I popped out to buy a light lamb spinach for the big people. While I type this, Viv is reading the story, the section where Frodo received the letter with the PPPPPPPS from Gandalf at the end of it.
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