Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Tuesday came and went, a masterpiece of can't remember. Tuesday evening was slightly more interesting, in that it was the church's vestry meeting, though little of public interest happened there. Wednesday was a similar sort of day, with the evening taken up with boys going to youth group, Viv going to a meeting about the new combined Stokes Vvalley/Kamahi School while I went to Jess's house to talk about the Vestry minutes and fail to suggest ways for Koos to dispose of a trojan his system has picked up.
No meeting this Thursday morning, as their Christmas festivities were tonight. However, I was embroiled in Beaujolais Nouveau festivities and so didn't go along.
As for the Beaujolais itself, it's a very drinkable wine this year, much like 2003, and much better than the horrible strawberry jam passed off as wine in 2002. Attendance from my group was light, but very welcome, though the beaujolais bar itself was doing a veritable roaring trade.
Home not too late, Viv playing computer games and Matthew expounding the problems of the universe.
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