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08:12 am: Good morning
It is another beautiful spring day here, a Friday at that. Circumstances make it better than some other days too. We are about to leave Taita, as the Masterton train has just shot through. A day of reporting and then off to Auckland for the Toastmasters Convention. Another weekend disappears, and nothing but memories and 2000 Qantas points to show for it. Pretty soon it will be my 'membership anniversary' and my 'status credits' balance will get reset to zero. Love all these schemes: abandon your privacy in return for nearly getting some awards. jaq is right: too late did I realise that book-shop schemes are a bad idea, especially if you keep buying Noam Chomsky books. I haven't found myself on a no-fly list. Yet. I just hope that there aren't any terrorists called el-ring-bark or similar. That wouldn't be fun at all, any more than an inland marina. This is rubbish. I must stop writing.

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Date:November 18th, 2004 11:49 am (UTC)
el ringbark the terrorist
*snort* now that's funny!!!!

Hmmm, Chomsky... my first major was anthropology, about a million years ago
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