Ian (ringbark) wrote,


Good morning from the Queen'sCity, where it is overcast and muggy. After a hot flight,in which I was sitting at the very back, i met up with John Woolly and we took a cab into town. After that, it was time to wipe the chocolate off my trousers (summer is here and I'm a clumsy with airline snacks as ever) and zip off down the hill for the Grate Debate (sic) which pitched the Improv Bandits against three senior Toastmasters on the moot "That Reality TV is real".
An amusing night forall. I followed it by some time at the main facilities, where I added another $25 before walking back up the hill to the hotel.Off for breakfast now, banner in hand, followed by the rest of the Toastmasters convention. Be seeing you!
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