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The first full day of the conference, and what a full day it was. After breakfast, registration and judges briefing. Then it was Morgan Macarthur, former World Champion of public speaking, with a very powerful keynote address on the power of storytelling from your own experience. I caught up with a few people over morning tea, and then it was on to the educationals: the first one about adult learning. Yes, Viv, I will let you know wahat they said. The District Meeting passed without incident, and was followed by the table topics contest, where the seven contestants put their minds to "The loss of the 5c piece will result in the demise of the piggy bank". This one of the stupidest and most closed topics I have ever heard. Ella, from Upper Hutt was second, with three ladies taking all the mdeal positions.
Another educational, Len Jury on leadership in a packed room with perhaps 90 present rather than the predicted handful. Formal dinner, not that formal, preceded and followed by presentations. Then a not entirely successful, but not entirely unsuccessful trip over the road, before returning to the hotel. I shall be going off to bed very shortly.
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