Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The dawning of a new week

The flight to Wellington was 20 minutes late. I filled in some of the spare time by asking about advan purchase of departure tax stickers...yes, you can buy them in advance, but you have to queue on the day for child exemption stickers. Means: adults by themselves don't have to queue on the day, but passengers with children do. Exercise: speculate on whether the policy writers have children of their own.

It's another beautiful day. Still, a workday nevertheless. Reflections on the last day of the conference follow later. What I do know is that I slept very well last night, but why not? How many cities have the beauty of Wellington Harbour, with the morning sun glistening on the surface, the hills still visible behind a light summer mist and a blue sky like the blue paint on the brush of a young child planning to cover a piece of paper with a youthful and exuberant sky and sea. That is how it is here, but we must not forget the different shades of green all around us, as plants and trees of every hue

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